The future of the workforce. Working from anywhere. The gig economy.
The employee experience. The consequences of tech.

I am a keynote speaker. I challenge audiences to think about their company 5 years from now, what that means for their workforce, and what they can do today to get ready.

I speak on three core topics: the future of work, workforce strategy and how to apply technology at work. I connect with a wide range of audiences from companies to public institutions, investors, universities and non-profits.

I enjoy speaking in front of audiences large and small. I have presented at a wide range of public and in-company events, focusing on the future workforce and the role of technology. All talks are customized to the audience and no keynote is alike.

You can bring me in for a keynote, an in-company talk, or a short session to challenge your audience to think about the future of work and its workforce.

What I do:

Let’s Talk!

Remote keynotes

You might think that having a presenter speak from a remote location may seem less than ideal. But I’ll assure you it doesn’t have to be. Let me know what you’re considering and we can work together to find a way that works best for your audience.

Here’s an example keynote:

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