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In my keynotes I challenge audiences to think about their company 5 years from now, what that means for their workforce, and what they can do today to get ready.

I speak on three topics: the future of work and pay, how Web 3.0 changes work and the impact of technology. I connect with a wide range of audiences from companies to public institutions, investors, universities and non-profits.

I present at public and in-company events, focusing on the future workforce and the role of HR and technology. I enjoy speaking in front of audiences large and small. All talks are customized to the audience and no keynote is alike.

You can bring me in for a (remote) keynote, an in-company talk, or a short session to challenge your audience to think about the future of work and its workforce. I also provide a one-hour ‘future of work’ session as kick off for internal meetings, to get the audience into a creative mindset.



The future of work is full of uncertainty: how do you responsibly address the unknown? How can you help your teams to understand what’s at stake? While feeling that you are in control?

I will help you imagine what’s next and enable people at all levels to create actionable plans with a shared vision for the future.

In my workshops, I challenge current thinking. We’ll build intriguing “what if” scenarios as a way to discuss ideas with far reaching implications.

I am known for bringing the future closer: each workshop is tailored to a client’s specific goals and you can expect engaging, pragmatic sessions that will help you achieve tangible results.

  • Help a global consulting company redesign the people function to better support the remote workforce.
  • Create a state-of-the-art solution architecture to support the modern workforce of a global high growth services provider.
  • Support a global customer service company in the gaming industry to navigate the implications of self-employment, and how to prepare for the creator and gig economy.
  • Advise a global scale up focused on empowering employees (through frequent feedback and community building) on strategy, messaging and employee engagement.
  • Run due diligence projects for venture capitalist to support their investment decisions.


Sometimes you prefer a confidential, personal approach and I offer exclusive one-on-one sessions. These sessions focus on your challenges to help you achieve measurable results — for yourself, for your team and your company. I offer a single session to answer a particular question to a short series and require no long term contract.

We’ll discuss the topics in need of change: What’s working? What does success look like 6 months from now? The next step is to tailor a personalized, confidential approach. As always in my work, I focus on actions that drive tangible results.

I strive to empower people. I would love to engage in a conversation with you!

  • Help a CHRO navigate the challenges of the new world of work and remote leadership
  • Support a sales executive to better lead a group of (young) employees and achieve performance objectives
  • Coach university graduates to best position themselves for interviews

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