think forward


Speaker, advisor, coach

think forward


Speaker, Advisor, Coach

What will your workforce look like in a few years?
And what can you do today to prepare?

Actually, a lot!


With extensive experience as a strategic advisor, I have helped thousands of professionals around the world – from students to senior executives – envision the future of work and understand the role of people and technology.

The future of work is full of uncertainty: how do you responsibly address the unknown? How can you help your teams to understand what’s at stake? While feeling you are in control?

I will help you imagine what’s next and enable people at all levels to create actionable plans with a shared vision for the future.

Through presentations and workshops, I challenge current thinking. We’ll build intriguing “what if” scenarios as a way to discuss ideas with far reaching implications.

I am known for bringing the future closer by translating the vision into an actionable roadmap: every engagement is tailored to a client’s specific goals and you can expect engaging, pragmatic advice that you can use to achieve tangible results when executing workforce strategies.

What I do:
  • Redesign the role of the people function for a global consulting company to better support the remote workforce.
  • Create a state-of-the-art solution architecture to support the modern workforce of a global high growth services provider.
  • Help a global customer service company in the gaming industry navigate the implications of self-employment, the gig economy, workforce policies, and select workforce technologies.
  • Advise a global scale up focused on empowering employees (through frequent feedback and community building) on strategy, messaging and employee engagement.
  • Run due diligence projects for VCs investing in workforce solutions.
What clients say about my work


In my keynotes I challenge audiences to think about their company 5 years from now, what that means for their workforce, and what they can do today to get ready.

I speak on three topics: the future of work and pay, workforce strategy and how technologies change work as we know it today. I connect with a wide range of audiences from companies to public institutions, investors, universities and non-profits.

I have presented at a wide range of public and in-company events, focusing on the future workforce and the role of HR and technology. I enjoy speaking in front of audiences large and small. All talks are customized to the audience and no keynote is alike.

You can bring me in for a (remote) keynote, an in-company talk, or a short session to challenge your audience to think about the future of work and its workforce. I also provide a one-hour ‘future of work’ session as kick off for internal meetings, to get the audience into a creative mindset.

What I do:


Sometimes you need a more personal approach. I also offer executive coaching sessions.

These sessions focus on what drives performance, to help you achieve measurable results and sustainable change — not only for yourself, but for your team and entire organization.

Together we will identify you biggest strengths, define a vision for success, get clarity on the value and the expertise that is uniquely you. We’ll also assess what isn’t working well. Then, we’ll create a strategic action plan to move things forward.

We’ll discuss the topics in need of change: What’s already working? What does success look like 6 months from now? The next step is to tailor a personalized, confidential approach. As always in my work, I focus on actions that drive tangible results.

I strive to empower people. I would love to engage in a conversation with you!

What I do:
  • Help a CHRO navigate the challenges of the new world of work and remote leadership
  • Support a sales leader to better lead a group of (young) employees and achieve their performance objectives
  • Coach recent university graduates to best position themselves for interviews

Remote workshops and keynotes

You might think that running remote workshops and keynote sessions may seem less than ideal. But I’ll assure you it doesn’t have to be. Let me know what you’re considering and we can work together to find a way that works best for your audience.

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