Is it time for a Chief Metaverse Officer yet?

As we start to reimagine the future of work, new roles are being defined and new job titles created. And one of the most coveted titles in 2022 is one with “metaverse” in it. While it might be too early for a CMO (Metaverse, not marketing!), it’s time to think about what you need to do to attract skilled people that can help you make sense of the metaverse.

Although, maybe you should merge Marketing and Metaverse positions! After all, brands are flocking to the metaverse to buy land in Decentraland and sell virtual products, from sneakers, cloths and outer gear to beauty products (Nike, Adidas, Gap, H&M, LVMH, P&G to just name a few).

And while global jobs listings were down in November 2021, job postings for “metaverse” positions grew exponentially:

“Job listings in metaverse-associated themes such as virtual and augmented reality have gained traction this month. Roblox Corporation continues to dominate listings in this emerging space, while Stifel Financial Corp, Amazon Web Services, BMW, Intel Corp, and NVIDIA are jumping on the bandwagon.”

Global data jobs recap

So maybe it’s time to sit down with your leadership and think about the potential of the metaverse for your company. Even when you don’t think there’s something in it for you, at least you’ve taken the time to reflect on it and form an opinion. Because with the current hiring spree, it might not be long before your employees decide to vote with your feet because you didn’t tell them where you are headed.