44% of Employees want to work in the Metaverse

You always have to take commercial research with a grain of salt, especially when the company sells supporting services. But according to research from Lenovo, close to half of employees (44%) are willing to work in the metaverse and believe that it can deliver benefits like productivity to the workplace.

The global research was carried out by YouGov. It surveyed more than 7,500 working adults across the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapore, China, and Japan and was carried out in November 2021. It doesn’t specify what industry these employees work in, or what kind of tech skills they have. But here’s are some of the more striking findings:

However, there is skepticism on whether companies have the capabilities to pull it off. Two in five (43%) respondents believe their employers do not, or probably do not have the knowledge or expertise to enable them to work in the metaverse of the future. While 44% think the metaverse will improve their work productivity, three in five (59%) do not think or are not sure that their employers are currently investing enough in IT to help them maximize their productivity.

Enterprise Metaverse: Employees Are Ready, Can Organizations Deliver?

I’m surprised the number of disbelievers isn’t higher. We don’t really know yet what the metaverse is, so how do you know if your employer is ready to deliver that experience? Unfortunately, the press release doesn’t include a link to the report. This post will be updated as soon as it becomes available.