What will your company look like in 5 years?
And what can you do today to prepare?

I advise organizations to imagine a new world of work, and how to strategically think about the workforce.

The future of work is full of uncertainty: how do you responsibly address the unknown? How can you help your people to understand what’s at stake? While feeling they are in control?

My areas of expertise include strategy, the future of the global workforce, and technology. My work helps people prepare for and adapt to a future of work that doesn’t exist yet.

Through presentations and workshops, I challenge current thinking by building intriguing “what if” scenarios as a way to discuss ideas with far reaching implications. I am known for bringing the future closer by translating the vision into an actionable roadmap: every engagement is tailored to a client’s specific goals and you can expect engaging, pragmatic advice that you can use to achieve tangible results when executing workforce strategies.

What I do:

  • Help a global customer service company in the gaming industry navigate the implications of self-employment, the gig economy, workforce policies and selecting workforce technologies.
  • Advise a global startup focused on empowering employees (through frequent feedback and community building) on strategy, messaging and lead generation.
  • Run due diligence for a company investing in people tech.
  • Advise an emerging global company on strategy, messaging, partnerships and international expansion.
  • Deliver workshops and presentations for executives and professionals across the world.
  • Mentor and empower the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

Let’s Talk!

Remote strategy sessions and consultations

You might think that having an advisor work with you from a remote location may seem less than ideal. But I’ll assure you it doesn’t have to be. Let me know what you’re considering and we can work together to find a way that works best for you.

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