Two things fascinate me most about my work:

First: the sheer amount of new HR and workplace technologies that come to market
Second: there is no easy fix to improve the employee journey and make everyone’s work experience better

That doesn’t mean we should not try!

The global workforce expects innovation, trust, and simplification: they are key to long term success. I understand how a well-defined strategy can prepare a company for this future. I work on NGA HR’s strategy to ensure our services support our clients today and tomorrow. 

I believe that a company’s ecosystem is key to remain competitive and realize long term growth. You can’t do it alone. I focus on creating innovative solutions for clients through strategic alliances, and select partners with the right strategy and people to bring complex relationships to life.

Whether working with global clients or coaching teams, the cornerstone of strategy and business development is successful relationships. I retain strong relationships to yield positive results, and employ both strategic and tactical cross-functional leadership to achieve the best revenue generation practices across the business.

I am a strategic, multilingual business leader with in-depth knowledge of the HCM ecosystem, a technical background and global experience in HR and workplace technology. I drive a culture of innovation, based on values and diversity. I have led complex HR Transformation initiatives that were critical to a company’s success.

I am an international speaker on the future of work and innovations like blockchain, HR and workplace technology and automation. Which is great, because it allows me to travel and run in amazing places on earth!

I enjoy hearing new perspectives. Please feel free to connect with me! You can read my articles on the NGA HR website and Linkedin. You can also chat with me on Twitter.