Three things fascinate me most about my work:

  1. the rapid changes in the workforce
  2. the sheer amount of new technologies
  3. can we even know the future of work?

That doesn’t mean we should not try!

My career has spanned the private and public sectors, and I bring deep expertise in strategy, innovation, technology, idea development and building partnerships. My earlier roles in business, HR and technology made me what I am and what I do today.

My focus

I am a partner at Strategic Management Centre. We are a sparring partner for executive and supervisory directors in the field of strategy and strategy realization. We also provide advisory services regarding mergers, business effectiveness, organizational design, boardroom dynamics and self-evaluation, integrity and culture, governance and compliance.

My focus is on strategy, people and technology. I am also an international speaker on the Future of Work. Which is great, because it allows me to run in amazing places on earth!

I am the founder of HRTechRadar, where I help young HRTech companies reach their full potential and evaluate the latest solutions for investors and buyers.

I enjoy hearing new perspectives. Please feel free to connect with me! You can read my articles here and on HRTechRadar.com. And connect with me on Linkedin and on Twitter.

My professional past

Anita was SVP Strategy & Alliances and member of the executive team at NGA Human Resources, a market leader offering innovative HR business solutions through outsourcing, consulting and technology. She worked at NGA HR from 2001-2020 and has an in-depth understanding of the industry.

Anita played a key role in growing NGA’s global presence through strategic selling, business development, establishing partnerships with market leading vendors and creating new offerings. She maintained close relationships with large, global customers and was the driving force behind the strategic HR2025 program. She also sponsored diversity & inclusion programs.

She is a strategic, multilingual business leader with global experience in people and workplace technology and in-depth knowledge of the HCM ecosystem. Anita drives a culture of innovation, based on values and diversity. She has led complex digital transformation initiatives that were critical to a company’s success.

Prior to NGA, Anita worked in business and technical roles for a variety of companies. She has lived in the United States and Germany, worked in many countries around the world and is based in the Netherlands.