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“Every decision you make affects your future workforce as much as today’s.
Maybe even more.”

Anita has helped thousands of HR professionals and people leaders around the world
– from students to senior executives – get ready for the future of work.
With 20+ years of industry experience, she has worked with the world’s largest brands.

Compilation of Anita Lettink keynotes

As a keynote speaker with a passion for the Future of Work and emerging technologies, I have had the opportunity to inspire and educate audiences around the world. From corporate events and conferences to academic institutions and professional associations, I have delivered thought-provoking and actionable presentations that have left a lasting impact on attendees.

Whether it’s through interactive workshops, keynote addresses, or panel discussions, I strive to engage, motivate, and empower my audiences to embrace the opportunities and challenges of the future. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my insights and experiences with such diverse and talented groups of individuals, and I look forward to continuing to inspire and educate audiences for years to come.

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