What is the future of payroll?

Changes in the way we work bring about changes in the way we get paid. The On Demand economy has introduced On Demand pay expectations: receive a payment the moment you have completed your job. What other changes can we expect with regards to pay and payroll in the next few years? Will the platform economy allow new vendors to come to market more easily and how will governments respond to this increasing pay flexibility?

 In this episode, Pete Tiliakos from Nelson Hall shares his observations about the future of pay with Anita Lettink, SVP Strategy & Alliances at Alight | NGA HR.

About Pete Tiliakos

As a Principal Analyst at NelsonHall, Pete shares responsibility for HRO research globally and leads research in the areas of global payroll, cloud HR services, HCM technology, and RPA/AI in HR outsourcing. With more than 25 years of experience in HR outsourcing, offshoring, and shared services, his deep expertise spans the sourcing life-cycle. He has assisted numerous organizations of all sizes with HR transformation initiatives.

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