No, Millennials will NOT be 75% of the Workforce in 2025 (or ever)! – The Data

A few days ago I published an article about Millennials and promised to publish the detailed charts

If you read my article, you’ve noticed that I reference several studies and data sources. During the research, I looked not only at the global numbers, but used different perspectives to look at the data, just to make sure I wasn’t overlooking something that would lead to 75% Millennials in the workforce. But no.

This article provides you with global and regional charts. It lists the data sources I used to create the charts and write the article. You can use these links to download the data and tailor them to your own workforce. And at the end I provide links to articles in different languages and locations to demonstrate how widespread the belief is that in 2025 75% of the workforce will be Millennials. But now you know better!


Global Population
Global Labor Force Participation


Population in Africa
Labor Force Participation in Africa


Population in Asia
Labor Force Participation in Asia


Population in Europe
Labor Force Participation in Europe

Latin America and the Caribbean

Population in Latam and Caribbean
Labor Force Participation in Latam and Caribbean

North America

Population in North America
Labor Force Participation in North America


Population in Oceania
Labor Force Participation in Oceania

Data Sources

All the data I used is available online and you can download the data sets for free from the following sources:

United Nations Population Data:

Link to the data file used as base for the report: 

Visualization of the UN data into Population Pyramids per region:

OECD Unemployment Rate: 

OECD Youth Unemployment Chart: 

ILO Labor Force Participation:

If you want to download the main article and this support article for further usage, you can do that here: White Paper and Data Paper.

Selected articles around the globe mentioning “Millennials will be 75% of the workforce in 2025”










South Africa




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