Google Day 1

The Google Experiment: Day One

So today was the first day of my Google Experiment where I live completely in the cloud and not use any local applications. And so far so good – which I did not expect this morning.

I returned from my annual leave, so I spent most of my day in meetings and catching up on emails in Google mail. I’ve been working with Google mail for a few months now, so no news there. What amazes me though, is that the mobile Gmail UI is so much better than the Chrome browser version. If anyone has a suggestion for a plug-in to improve the browser user experience, please leave a comment.

When I migrated to Google mail, I decided to go “cold turkey”, meaning that I dumped all my Outlook mail in a local archive that I can check whenever I need it. After 4 months, I don’t think I have had to consult my archive more than a dozen times – makes you wonder why we hold on to all of that…

Anyway, no donation to the Google One fund today. Tomorrow I will need to go through several Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets that I received during my absence, so let’s see if I can stick to the “Cloud Only” challenge!

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  1. Anita-

    Great post! I still use the chrome plugin, so you’ve made me curious about the native gmail UI. I’ll definitely give it a spin.

    I made the transition around 6 weeks ago. I am blown away with how much better it is than outlook. I really love how I am able to view tasks with the calendar. And it’s sooo fast.

    As to your local Outlook files, Google provides a migration tool ( which I used to transition all of my emails to Google. I am an email packrat and have every email I’ve sent or received since 2004. Using this tool I migrated them all to Gmail with very little effort. While I don’t need the older ones that often it’s comforting to be able to look up a conversation from 4 years ago instantly, which I am able to do.

    Looking forward to hearing more from your blog. Wish I had done the same as it was a fun and rewarding journey for me.

    1. Hi Brandon,

      Thanks for your comments!
      I started to use the migration tool, but halfway through the process I decided to keep everything Outlook in an archive to see if I could do without – turns out I can.

      Agree that Gmail is easy and fast – one question that lingers is how much of an issue connectivity will be. I used to clean up my Inbox during offline time (flights, waiting at clients). I’ve heard mixed reviews of the offline feature so definitely need to try that. Did you try it?

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