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New Year’s Resolution: Buy A MacBook Air

I need a new laptop and I had my mind fully set on an ultrabook with Windows 8. I’ve always had a Windows laptop – after all, I used to be an MSCE.

But I’ve changed my mind: I’m going to buy a MacBook Air instead. Why? Because I travel more and I want the lightest loop available to bring on planes. Because I had a look at the new Windows 8 and even though the tiles seem fresh at first, that fades really fast. And an iPad just doesn’t cut it for longer trips.

The Wirecutter has an extensive review on a 13 inch MacBook Air but I’m still undecided: should I buy a 13 inch model or would 11″ do just fine? And when it comes to storage: with all the cloud storage available, do I need 256GB flash storage or would 128GB be enough?

If you have some thoughts, or if you are the proud owner of a MacBook Air, let me know why you love or hate it in the comments. And if you have a good reason why I should consider an ultrabook, let me know too!

Or, to speed things up, make your choice in the poll:

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  1. MBA 13″ 128 Gb

    I am working with it for just over 1 month now and I’m loving it! I chose for the 13″ since I use it as my only device. 11″ just seems to small for me, also in that case I can grap my iPad. The iPad is used less by me ever since I have gotten the MBA.

    It’s light , has a good battery and there is nothing I can’t do on this MacBook what makes me miss my Windows device. I had a great HP notebook, Apple beats it by far.

    My choice: MBA 13″ 128 gb. I use a safe online data storage provider, Wuala in stead of Dropbox. This works great and I can get to my data on all my Apple devices easily. Who needs local storage? Do you have loads of movies or music? Maybe then yes you could opt for more local storage, but other then that, unnecessary.

    Good luck with making your choice.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Hi Anita – I’ve used a 13 inch MacBook Air for well over a year now and love it. 11 inch would be too small – that’s what my iPad is for. With a 128 GB drive I still have plenty of space remaining. I also have Parallels and Windows 7 installed – works very well.

    1. Thanks Steve – any thoughts on installing Win 8 as well? And yes, your remark on iPad is a good point to go for a 13″

  3. I installed Windows 7 only for compatibility with some of my clients; it will be years before those clients get to Windows 8 – some just came off XP! So I am not concerned with Windows 8 until my clients start using it.

  4. Thank you for the review. Has CNET reviewed the new regular 15″ MBP — how does the new CPU (3rd gen Intel) change the MBP?

  5. I’m a MacBook Air fan because it’s great! Never strange error messages, startup in a second, always virus-free… I’d choose the 13′ (more convenient) over the 11′ because that’s to small.

    My daughter has a iPad2/Logitech ultra thin keyboard combination and that also wonderful!

  6. I have a macbook air 13″ and love it. I would really love to buy a 15″ air but I can’t. I think I will get a new macbook pro 15″ but will use my air for most travel – mine is a bit underpowered. The only thing I don’t like is the 13″ is too small. But I seem to be in hte minority on that opinion and it is basically awesome.

  7. Thanks for all the help you all – I bought my MacAir. I was lucky: the store celebrated a VAT-free (21% here) day, so getting the fully loaded 13 inch, 256GB version really was a no-brainer in the end.

  8. I have been using the 11″ version for quite some time. I had one a while ago, before the backlit keys came out. I used it for a year and decided to ‘upgrade’ to a 15″ macbook pro. I missed the air so much that I sold the Pro and bought the newest, fastest 11″ air available after only five months.

    The screen is little, but depending on what you’re doing, you don’t need much screen real estate. I’m mostly a writer, and it’s more than enough screen space to display some text I’m working on. It does a great job of supporting most of what I try to do with it. I see why many people prefer the 13″ version, but I encourage you to think about what you’re doing with your computer to require the bigger screen before jumping towards it right away. The portability of my 11″ computer is the most important thing to me… I personally greatly prefer it over the 13″.

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