Welcome. I’m a work strategist, futurist and
technologist based in the Netherlands.

With extensive experience as a strategic advisor and speaker, Anita has helped thousands of professionals around the world – from students to senior executives – envision the future of work and understand the role of people and technology.

Anita will help you imagine what’s next and enables people at all levels to create actionable plans with a shared vision for the future. Together, you can really change the outlook of your organization for the better.

My Mission and Philosophy

“I challenge people to imagine a future that doesn’t exist yet, and prepare for that today”

Anita has dedicated her life to think about the future of work, and help others understand and deal with the changes ahead. She studies, researches and reads everything she can, and shares her findings with clients. Her philosophy is to learn continuously, so you are best prepared for what’s coming. Her motto is to stay flexible, because there’s always a better way – we just have not discovered it yet.

How Can I Help?

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